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08 Apr 2016
Bullpen sports cards
2015 Topps Dynasty is often a mighty fine product. I know the cards are great looking and also quality and I must admit I like Topps baseball cards total others, but when you must shell out $400 for a packet which has 1 card, I'm thinking some people will be doing their dough, Moulah, cashola. I've a Freddie Freeman and I must confess it's great but I am certain $400 it's not at all, so I got on and did some study.

Baseball card shops
over the last week or so these prices have been realised Albert Pujols/5 $162. Randy Johnson /5 $157. Jose Abreau /5 $159. Cal Ripken /10 $177. We could admit these are Stars i would probably pay these prices being a collector but once again they actually do seem to not be worth $400.